12 - 04 - 14

I would like to introduce you to some of my four legged family members!  I call them puppies due to their small (ish) size, but two of them are already past their puppy years. I usually only share photos of them on facebook (as you might have seen), but this last round of pics I took of these three, were just too cute not to share on the site, so here they are! Say hallo to my babies...Snippie (yorkie), Benji (pekingese-ish cross) and Milo (brown yorkie).

To see more of them (if you love doggies - like me!) you can visit these links on facebook for more snaps: Click here, or Click here, or Click here 

(please note: colours in photographs may vary on monitors not calibrated for printing - i.e. giving a high-contrast,
 ​blueish and pale look to the photos which is not a true representation of the final printed product)



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