Melissa & Seth (Part 2) @ Forest Walk

21 - 02 - 15

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person."


​Melissa and Seth had their beautiful wedding at the Forest Walk venue in Midrand, and it was a wonderful, colourful celebration to witness and document! The yellow accent colour stood out perfectly among the greenery of the venue. There were so many details that made their day special, that I am dividing this post into two, so that I can show you all of the pretty finishing touches!

I also loved how Melissa and Seth incorporated their children into their special day, as it was not only the merging of two people, but of two families. You can just see how special their children are to them and I just adored photographing mom and dad dancing with them at the reception!  So without further ado, please enjoy this stunning wedding with me.

(please note: colours in photographs may vary on monitors not calibrated for printing - i.e. giving a high-contrast,
 ​blueish and pale look to the photos which is not a true representation of the final printed product)



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