Chanell & Theunis (Part 2) @ Forest Walk

30 - 08 - 14

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice,
but falling in love with you was beyond my control."


Wow, what a fantastic day this was, warm weather, a stunning couple, adorable décor and lots of selfies (thanks to the selfie song!). It was such a pleasure to photograph Theunis & Chanell's wedding day, not only was there lost of pretty details, but also a lot of special moments, such as Theunis playing guitar and his sister singing while Chanell came down the isle, such a nice suprise for her! Then we had a lovely sunset, a wonderful MC that made us laugh the whole evening, and a few touching moments during the groom's speech. All and all this was one of those days that I left super happy with a ton of lovely photos to share! Enjoy!

(please note: colours in photographs may vary on monitors not calibrated for printing - i.e. giving a high-contrast,
 ​blueish and pale look to the photos which is not a true representation of the final printed product)



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